A visual idea arises in pure thought; in the sketchbook; in dialogue with the medium. Sometimes the idea is like a personality, sometimes a map, sometimes it mirrors themes in nature. The first glimpse of a visual idea is almost a symbol, but elusive and alive. There is the sense of something universal to be discovered.

Kimmerjae Johnson is a Colorado-based sculptor.

Her work in stone, steel and wood explores the vitality of space, spirit and place as elucidated by form.

Stone is emblematic of all that appears solid. When we look closely, science shows us that even stone is mostly infinite space, fluid and alive. Within this space, the ground of being, something mysterious arises. Listening for the breath of that presence, the act of sculpting becomes a spiritual practice. The raw material is approached with a sense of discovery, and the finished work seems to hold something of the very character of space itself.

Kimmerjae lives and works in Lafayette, Colorado.  She considers commissions from the Colorado area as well as from afar. Kimmerjae works with clients to create both free-standing pieces, and pieces that integrate into a specific environment (garden, home, public space).  

For purchase information or to commission an original sculpture, email studio@kimmerjae.com. 


Select Exhibitions and Installations

2015 Group Exhibition: Fearless Mind: 19" x 22" x 22" illuminated calcite triptych, Lafayette, Colorado

2013 –2016 Public Art: Frontier: Cowboy, 8’ x 5’ x 5’ welded steel sculpture selected for Art around Town, Lafayette, Colorado

2013 –2014 Public Art: The Boat of the Universe, 4’ x 6’ x 5’ Colorado glacier granite sculpture installed for Art on the Street, Lafayette, Colorado

2014 –2015 Public Art: Flower of Life: This Dream, 6’ x 3’ x 2’ Colorado Yule marble installed for Art on the Street, Lafayette, Colorado; Jean

Melblom People's Choice Award; Purchase award, City of Lafayette permanent collection

2012 Bike Art at the Dairy: US Cycling Monument Maquette and presentation, The Dairy Center for the Arts, Boulder, Colorado

2002 Two-Person Exhibition: 18 Sculptures, Lincoln Gallery, Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado

2001 Solo Exhibition: 20 Sculptures, Artwalk, Boulder, Colorado


Select Commissions 

2014 Friends of Geoff Belter, 'The Explorer' memorial, orange calcite with composite, 9" x 16" x 7"

2011 Private client, Niwot Colorado, 'The Windhorse,' basalt, 9’ x 5’ x 4’ 

2009 Private client, Boulder, Colorado, Untitled aluminum sculpture integrated with existing steel fence on property, 5.5’ x 38’ x 6” 

2001 Friends of Chris Berntsen, Memorial Bench, carved natural sandstone with integrated bronze plaques, 30” x 72” x 28”, installed at National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado

2000 Private client, Boulder, Colorado, Sculptural Teahouse Garden Folly, steel with fabric cover, raised river boulder plinth, imprinted concrete floor, plantings, 12’ x 19’ x 19’

1997 Private Client, Boulder, Colorado, 'Petal Basin' sculptural water feature cast colored cement, 10"x 26” x 26”

1992 Private Client, Seattle, Washington, 'Iris Fountain,' wall-mounted bronze fountains, each 25” x 25” x 8”

1981 George Williams College, Williams Bay, Wisconsin, and YMCA national offices in Chicago, Illinois, 2 busts of founder Sir George Williams, bronze