Thought Walker

Active listening Service

An ally in restoring and boosting your vital flow of ideas, healthy emotions and presence


Axioms of the practice:

There are many studies to support these assumptions; we are starting here

·                Our inner wisdom knows the way

·                Talking to others feels good and is helpful

·                Moving the body feels good and is helpful


Background of the practice

Several traditions braid into the Thought Walker practice. Here are outlines of a few significant ones.

    1. Active Listening: The practice of paying close attention to a speaker and asking questions to ensure full comprehension
    2. Radical acceptance: Accepting life as it is presenting itself; not resisting what we cannot, or choose not to change. Radical Acceptance is about saying yes to life, just as it is.
    3. Deep Listening involves listening, from a deep, receptive, and caring place in oneself, to deeper and often subtler levels of meaning and intention in the other person. It is listening that is generous, empathic, supportive, accurate, and trusting. Trust here does not imply agreement, but the trust that whatever others say, regardless of how well or poorly it is said, comes from something true in their experience.
    4. The Flaneuse and The Mytho-Geographer: People who walk to spur discovery of self and world.


When to call the Thought Walker:

·                When you feel emotionally, creatively or intellectually stuck for some reason

·                When you are holding any kind of sensitive thoughts alone and wish to release this pressure, lighten your burden

·                When in developing an idea you are not ready to divulge concept or details to professional colleagues

·                When several lines of thinking are going on at once, and bouncing them off a witness may reveal organizing gestures

·                When struggling with some emotion or habitual pattern, don’t feel you need a therapist but don’t feel comfortable, for any reason, in       talking to friends

·                When journaling and other means of assisting inner dialog reach a limit and you simply want another set of ears


The Contract


What I will do:

·                Walk with you (or sit in a coffee shop with you if walking is not a reasonable option) as you describe what you’re working on

·                Listen

·                Ask questions


What I will not do:

·                Coach or give you advice

·                Describe my own experiences, related or unrelated

·                Judge you

o     In the free range of our thoughts and emotions any territory is accessible. I hold that we are responsible in our actions.

·                Blab when we’re done. Confidentiality details:

o     I will not record our conversations. You may record them if you wish.

o     Trust is central to the usefulness of this work.  Confidentiality and mutual respect for our safety and well-being are the foundation of this trust. Your privacy is respected.

o     If I feel that you are in danger of harming yourself or others, I will notify mental health resources and/or police. (initial)______

o     I will not assist in planning or rationalizing acts of harm. An attempt to use this service toward such ends will be considered breach of contract, and will effectively release the conversation from the confidentiality bond. If you are struggling with these kinds of thoughts, or if you feel you cannot be responsible for your actions, please contact Colorado Crisis Services 844.493.8255 or Boulder County Health 303.415.7000.


Your commitments to the session:

You are responsible to know your physical limits in level of comfort and ability as we walk, and to communicate these clearly at the outset or as any arise during the session. (initial)______

Payment due will be made at the close of each session. (initial)______


As of this writing, to my knowledge this is a unique offering, and no certifications exist. Anyone with the desire and intent may offer such a service. There are aspects of my history and nature that have inspired me to present you with this invitation. To ensure that you are comfortable with the service, we will check in at 20 minutes into your first session. If you choose not to continue, we will close and you will have no obligation for this time.


I have read and understand the above-described relationship between myself and The Thought Walker

sign ________________________________   date________


About me

Born in 1955, I am smart, empathetic and well-educated.  I am inspired by human thought, creativity and emotional intelligence, and devoted to the sustainable freedom and joy of our species and planet.

In my creative work, I am a stone sculptor.



This practice emerges through and is dedicated to love, truth, and the health of Earth and humanity together.